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Adrian J. Monroe

I'm Adrian J. Monroe,  Born and raised in New York City. My passion is photography. 


As a young man, I grouped with neighbors and friends who are also photographers, which I was the guinea pig to test out setting, lights and different concepts. Because of the different exposure of how photography works, it was interesting to see how all of the small parts fit together to bring one picture. couple years later, in the struggles of boredom, i decided to play with a small camera as a little project and decided to take pictures of small objects as practice to sharpen my craft. Evidently, I realize that I had a talent and passion for capturing photos.


To this present day, photography is not just about taking photos, its an art. My intentions in photography is to bring out the quality and different styles, concepts, and emotions in one picture. From outdoors to indoors, Fashion to urban, or regular day life in  New York City, I like to tell a story within a capture of a photo or to bring emotion. 

My Favorite themes to capture consists of fashion, beauty, glamour, whether it is outside or studio. 


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